Saturday, October 20, 2012

An agnostic approach to Yoga

Agnosticism is the philosophy and practice of evaluating and generating knowledge based on critical, evidence-based inquiry.

The term agnostic is derived from Ancient Greek ἀ- (a-), meaning "without", and γνῶσις (gnōsis), meaning "knowledge", i.e. direct knowledge.

The agnostic approach is very much aligned with yoga philosophy and practice in that yogic knowledge is fundamentally empirical, it needs to be "experienced". The path and goal of yoga as defined above is here interpreted as a quest for greater clarity in perception and thereby more precise and effective action. The tools to achieve this goal are a healthy and balanced body and mind.

Yogic knowledge is empirical, it needs to be experienced.

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  1. I was looking for this sort of explanation, as a Yogi (at least that's what other Yogi call me) and an agnostic.

    Thank you very much.